Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi Gr. 10 the formmating of the Schedule on the blog is so missed up so please check your email for the schedules and if you did not recieve it send me an email and i will forward it to you...... GOOD LUCK and SWEET DREAMS

Thursday, December 10, 2009


1. Go to
Get the new Skype for Windows on your computer.

2. Download now Skype 4.1 for Windows

3. To start Skype

If it's your first time opening Skype:
Open Skype on your computer.
That means double-clicking this icon on your desktop or choosing it from the Windows > Start menu. Having trouble? Launch it from here. This will open a start-up screen.

Click Don't have a Skype Name?
This opens a Create account window.
Type in your name, then create a Skype username (called a Skype Name) and a password.
- Pick ones you can remember so you can sign in next time.
- Follow the directions from there and click Sign in.

If you've opened Skype before:
Open Skype from your desktop or Windows > Start menu.
In the start-up screen, click in the box under Skype Name and type it in. Then do the same for your password.
(If you forget your password, click the Forgot your password? link and follow the directions from there.)
This will sign you in to Skype, ready for you to use.
3. Adding a contact
• Search your email contacts to see who's on Skype
• Add a specific person
• Add a phone or cell phone number
Search your email contacts to see who's on Skype:
Click the Directory tab and click the link See friends who are already on Skype.
You'll see an Add contacts screen.
Under Check your email contacts, click in the checkbox(es) beside the email accounts you have.
If you have a Yahoo account, type in your username and password then click Search email contacts.
Skype uses your Yahoo login to check if your contacts are on Skype – it never saves it, ever.
Wait for Skype to search your contacts.
If Skype finds a match, it will list the friends who also use Skype.
Click in the checkbox beside the people you want to talk to on Skype.
Then click Add contact.
Write an introduction message so they know who you are.
Click OK to send. Depending on their security, you can IM them. When they accept your invitation, you will be able to see when they are online and call them, too.
Add a specific person:

Click the Directory tab and go to Find people.
Click in the box and type in their name, email address or Skype Name.
Click Search. Wait for Skype to search.
In the list, find the person you're looking for. Check details like location and click this icon to double check it's them.
Click on them, then click Add contact. This will open a Say hello window.
Click in the message box and type an introduction message so they know who you are.
Click OK to send. When they accept your invitation, you will be able to see when they are online and call them, too.
4. Call someone on video
It’s free to call people on video.

Make sure you've got a webcam and check:
- it's plugged into your computer
- you've installed the software that came with it
- it's switched on.
In your Contact list, find the person you want to talk to.
Click on them.
In the main window, click the green Video call button.
Smile, wave, say hello!

Useful things you can do on a video call:
• Resize the screen – click and drag the corner of the video screen to make it bigger or smaller.
• Move it around – click and drag the video of yourself around your screen.
• IM at the same time – click the Show messages link at the top of the video to instant message while you're on the call.


Hello Gr. 10 students

I know that there are so many things going on these days.  Since your grade level was closed, we are going back to working online, but as i promised you this time it is more organized so you can really benefit and easily follow too.

1st Your online work will still be sent to you via emails or posted on your teachers' blogs as every teacher used to do.

2nd You are asked to attend online classes that follow the schedule posted above. This means every day you have to go online at the set timings on your section's schedule and join in the online discussion session your subject teacher will hold during the scheduled time.
Classes are held online via Skype...
During your online classes attendence will be taken. Participation grades will be collected from your attendence and actual participation. Your teacher might give you a graded warm up so you have to act as if YOU ARE IN A CLASS as grades are being collected.
The classes are held as an open discussion time for questions that you do not understand about the new material that will still be sent to you via emails or teachers'blogs.

In order to start attending your classes, you have to create a skype account and add all your teachers to your account (follow the procedures below to create your skype account and learn how to proceed in using it)

3rd You have posted above a special schedule for tests and quizzes.  During these scheduled timimgs you have to be online at this time to recieve your quiz, slove it, and send it back before the end of the set period time on your schedule. If you fail to meet the deadline (the end of the period time) you will automatically recieve a zero on that quiz/test ... no excuses and definitely no make ups will be allowed.

If there is a legitimate reason that you will not be able to attend one of your online classes, you have to notify me and explain the reason so I can give you a valid excuse to present to your teachers in order to be allowed to make up the work you missed.

Your online school days starting Sunday December 13th will be normal school days during which test and quiz, class participation, homework, and behavior grades will be collected. During the session times YOU HAVE TO:
1. Attend on time.
2. Actively participate.
3. Solve your warm up.
4. Behave well in order not to lose behavior grades.
5. Be attentive and ready to answer questions.
5. Be ready with your homework on time.

Though this will be a challenging time I am sure you will live up to the challenge.  Good luck on your school work.

Again, feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Education make a people easy to lead,

but difficult to drive: easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.


  • Whenever you recieve an assignemnt to work on
- Please save as in the compaltiable formate for Office 93-2003 
- Put your name and class section in the document name

  • New Homework policy for your online work
For any assignement
- You will have 72 hrs to complete and submit back
- one day later, 25% will be deducted
- Two days later, 50% will be deducted
-one moreday later than this = ZERO

For online quizzes
- We will be following the coming quizzes schedule
Sunday         English Language- English Literature
Monday        French or German- Arabic
Tuesday        Math
Wednesday   Science
Thursday       Social Studies

You will be allowed to make up the homework or quiz with an automatic deduction of  20 % on this assessment

How to attach a document to an email

1. Afetr writing your message in the new window, click on attach
2. Choose file
3. Browse your computer for the document you want to attach
4. click on it twice
5. Wait till the file is uploaded
 If you want to attach more files
6. Click on attach again..... if not just send the email 

List of Gr 10 Teachers and theri lnks and emails

English Language
Ms.Rehab El Shehabi

English Literature
Ms. Shereene Rahman

Mr. Ali Garraya

Ms. Menna Ahmed

Dr.Nayera Shaker
 Social Studies
Ms.Emily Schwan

Mr. Amr El Sawy

Mlle Nashwa Labib

M. Nader Ahmed

Frau Amal Ezz

Computer Science
Ms. Mona Bizzari

Ms. Mona Abdel Alim

Gr. 10................... Rocks

Hi everyone it has been a while since we last communicated

This is going to be our mean of commnication whether we are in school OR close down
I know that you have been talking to your teacher sand recieving woekin and expected to be sending back yours to be corrected.... This blog will help you be more organzied and help us     GR 10 to be more united